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Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Basics

The purpose of a logo is to identify your company in the most basic way possible. To accomplish this, it uses a logo mark, a typographic solution, or a combination of the two. The best logos are simple and elegant. They leave an impression in the minds of your audience, clients, associates, etc., and represent your brand. When people see your logo, they should think about your business.

For example, whenever you see McDonald’s Golden Arches, you think about… hamburgers and fries. Tada!

And Nike’s tick… sportswear and fitness!

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What Should a Logo Accomplish?

Your logo's design has the main purposes for your business. First, it creates visual recognition. The more unique your logo is, the stronger and more reinforced that recognition will be. Second, your logo inspires confidence and builds trust in your brand. Gaining the respect of your audience and consumers is a priority to the success of your business. By placing your brand on something, you put a "stamp of approval" on that item. And third, your distinctive logo design sets you out from the competition.

Characteristics of the Best Logos

Your logo should strive to achieve these five essential elements.

  1. Distinctive: Your logo must be memorable. Of what use is your mark, if people can't remember it? You gain notoriety by standing out from the crowd.
  2. Clean: The cleaner and more simple your logo is, the better. Sometimes people over complicate the design of their logo. As we referenced above, consider how simple the logos for Nike and MacDonald's are.
  3. Adaptable: You should be able to imagine your logo design on a variety of platforms, i.e., websites, products, social media channels, business cards, and the list goes on. The aspect ratio of the design should lend itself to appear in any place where you want to be recognized.
  4. Acceptable: Colors, shapes and words have one thing in common. They all matter. If you’re selling hamburgers, you probably don’t to use too much green or the word “cheap.” Both could indicate a lack of quality and a trip to the emergency room.
  5. Ageless: You want something that will last over the years and decades, like a fine wine. In reality, the most recognizable brands have been in business for a long time. You don’t want to get trendy with your logo design… “that’s so last decade.”

SUURV Marketing would love to help your business make a lasting mark.

One of our core values is to help you succeed, so we put in the extra effort. Let's talk more about this. Please call (210) 874-5900 or fill out our contact form by clicking here.

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